Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Round 1: Yessam



Inhabitants (in the beginning of the round):

Mama J Yessam: Elder Knowledge, LTW: Max All 7 Skills - Aquarius
Jenn Yessam: Adult Family, LTW: Golden Anniversary - Aries
Rich Yessam: Adult Popularity, LTW: Become a Celebrity Chef - Aquarius

Well, a funny thing happened and I ended up with 100+ pretty pictures of my desktop..
I was so bummed when I found out! So I'm just going to shortly explain what happened on those 5 days.

First of all, here's their nice little house. Rich and Jenn were able to get so many promotions that they could afford to buy a car and a telescope. Now all but the Corcorans have the cheapest car in different colours. Pretty funny, actually.

A sweet portrait of them all, standing on their porch. And as you can clearly see, Jenn and Rich had a little boy during the round since they both immediately wished for a kid when I started playing. So a child they got. I was secretly hoping for twins.. Oh well, Jenn promptly wished for another kid when Tobias - the boy's name was determined by a random name generator - had his birthday, so they'll be having a second one next round. And no, Jenn isn't pregnant yet, she was always too tired when she and Rich were home at the same time.

Figured I should take a picture of the house plan since there are no pictures of the interiors, plus I changed the wallpapers and floorings (I just can't stand the carpeting, something we don't have in Finland - fortunately). I'm just wondering if I should take a picture like this of all the houses. Would you be interested to see how they really look like?

First off is Jenn. She got a job in Education on Monday evening, and went to work every day even when pregnant. Now she's working as an Elementary School Teacher, which is a level 4 position.

Jenn met Layce Cooprider when she came by to welcome her to the neighbourhood, and then spent a lot of time talking with her about the baby. It's quite sad that Jenn isn't friends with her own mother.. I clearly need to work on that, though it's hard since Mama J spends most of her time skilling.

Rich found a job in Culinary, his dream career, on Tuesday, and was able to get promoted up to a Host which is also a level 4 position. Jenn and Rich were quite productive this round work-wise.

I feel I see the same faces on every lot - there's Marshall Upton again. And Corky. But as a Popularity sim, Rich wanted friends and he already knew them.
I find it quite hilarious that Rich has more chemistry with Mama J than with Jenn, btw. And yet, he isn't even friends with her.

Mama J was very productive, too, when it came to skilling. She has already maxed her Mechanics and Cleaning!

The downside of skilling non-stop is that then you don't have time to build relationships; Mama J has only one friend, her sister Beulah Norwood who doesn't even live with her. At least Mama J is wishing to interact more, wanting to teach Tobias how to use the potty.

She has also worked towards hobby plaques, and is well on her way to achieving the Tinkering and Nature hobby plaques. And since Nature is her OTH, she wished for a garden which was built on the side of the house.

Tobias2Last but not least, Tobias, who was born on Thursday, year 4, being the first baby born in Prosperity Fellowship! He's quite a nice blend of his parents, though he inherited both his fathers eye and hair colour. He does carry gray eyes and blond hair as recessives. Tobias is also quite a mean sim.. But we can live with that.
+1 point for a new sim, Tobias.
Well, what can I say: it was short and sweet(?). I'm still annoyed by the fact that I lost all the pictures.. There were so many nice things happening during the round and now you won't be able to see them ): The good thing is that I knew how to fix the problem, and hopefully this will NEVER happen again. And I liked playing the family.
That's about it.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Round 1: Upton




Marshall Upton: Elder Fortune, LTW: Become a Business Tycoon - Aries
Miles Upton: Teen Family, LTW: Become a Captain Hero - Leo

Marshall Upton and his grandson Miles Upton are standing in front of their new home like so many other families in Prosperity Fellowship that day. The house is very modest-looking, but it was all they could afford to build with what little money Marshall had saved up.
Needless to say, Marshall was shocked when he heard that his son had abandoned his own son and ran away with his wife to God knows where in search of fame and glory. He didn't hesitate one single second when Miles came to him asking for a place to stay. In fact, he went one step further and decided that the boy really needed a fresh start, and a fresh start he would get! 
But now, standing on the front lawn, Marshall can't help but notice the sad expression on Miles' face, so he tries to cheer him up by promising that here his life will be even better than what it used to be.

Well it is easy for Marshall to say, since he has already made friends with few of the other new neighbours, especially with the ladies.. But to him, no one could compare with Moira, the hottest woman in town.

Even if he has a thing for beautiful women, in the end, Marshall is a Fortune sim through and through, which makes it unbearable for him to be almost dirt poor after building the house - for God's sake, he can't even afford to buy a bookcase! So, what do you do when you're dirt poor? Well, you of course go digging in the dirt! Marshall has heard stories about people finding great treasures on their own back yard and he is eager to try his hand at treasure hunting, too.

Miles isn't as interested in money as his grandfather, but is more keen on finding somebody to share the rest of his life with. Yes, Miles wants to find True Love, and heads for the paper girl as soon as she arrives. Who knows, maybe she could be The One?

But after just greeting Aamu Mäkinen, Miles can feel that she just won't do: she's horrendous! (Though you might not want to do that in front of her, Miles - you know, she has feelings, too!
On the other hand, maybe it's just for the best, since the paper girl seems to be quite lazy, meaning she's no good wife material.

So Miles decides to join Marshall in trying to find something valuable enough to sell.
Soon enough, Marshall gets lucky and manages to find something other than just rocks and bones. Though it's not a treasure chest, they are still able to buy the bookshelf they've been wishing for with the money they got from selling the little statue he found.

Marshall doesn't feel like digging the yard for the rest of his life and goes job hunting, using the computer he got as a welcoming gift. He would have really liked a job in Business, but the Lucky Frog next to him didn't feel like sharing its luck, so Marshall has to settle for a job in Politics as a Campaign Worker. The skills needed are practically the same for both jobs, so when an opening in Business does come up, he'll be at least somehow prepared.

This time the welcome wagon consists of Susan Profitt, Beulah Norwood and Ramsey Brooks. Nice to see some new faces! Marshall especially should be happy of the two mature women knocking on his door.

As predicted, Marshall can't get his eyes off of the two gray haired ladies, and is particularly fond of Beulah Norwood and her tight jeans and top that show off her fit figure. (Really, he just stood there and waited to get a chance to talk to Beulah. I guess 2 bolts are hard to resist.)
And boy, do they hit it off, talking about kissing, which seems to be the most popular topic here in Prosperity Fellowship.

What seems to be also very popular in Prosperity Fellowship, is being mean. After Marshall leaves to take a shower to wash off all the dirt he got on himself while digging, Beulah heads for Ramsey Brooks to insult him. What a lovely neighbourhood.

14 15
Since Miles doesn't feel like hanging out with the elders, he sets to looking for a job to grow the income of the family; he really wouldn't mind some wall paper. He isn't able to find a job in Law Enforcement, but a position as a Gumshoe in the Intelligence career is close enough for Miles, and he applies for the job.
Unfortunately, they don't have a chessboard let alone a telescope, but Miles figures the crosswords of the newspaper will improve his logics the same way.

In the meantime, Marshall is busy getting to know all the neighbours and gets fantastically along with each and every one of them.

Well, that is, until he gets a call from Moira, asking him out with a couple of friends. It just happens so that Marshall has had this burning desire to get some loving all day long. He doesn't have the heart to leave Miles all alone with the guests, though, so he invites him to join them to the night club, to try and cheer him up a little.

As people start hopping out of the taxi, we can see that there are ingredients for a real drama to unfold, because Moira has invited Jami Pekuri on the outing. He's the man that has had a bit of an obsession about her, to put it mildly.
Moira has also invited her very pregnant friend Corky out, which implies that things between the two of them seem to be fine even if Corky wasn't the nicest for her in the beginning.

Surprisingly enough, Jami doesn't even bat an eyelid when Marshall comes and asks Moira on a date. He is oblivious of the fact that her and Jami have had a bit of a fling going on before things started heating between him and Moira.

Miles, like many other teenagers before him, wants to get his photo taken in the photo booth and is rather pleased with the outcome of the pictures, though they are quite serious-looking. But that suits him just fine since he is a serious sim himself.

Even if he's a serious sim, he isn't afraid to go and chat up a girl that catches his eye in her pink top and perky pigtails. He and the girl, Taika Laakso, hit it off quite well, but it isn't all fireworks between them - more like one bolt. Miles is still happy to have someone his age to talk to, though she probably will never be anything more than a friend to him.

Outside, the old couple are in the middle of an intense slow dance, and they don't even notice James Jenkins, Moira's grandson, watching them close-by. Perhaps he is jealous of the relationship they share, whereas he hasn't got any of that himself.
What Marshall does notice, is that he really enjoys dance and music; it's a great way to forget your worries and leave the stress behind.

Back inside, Miles has stricken up a conversation with James about woohoo, which must the James' favourite topic without a doubt. They get along just fine, but when he starts talking about how awful it would be to experience your first woohoo with the aliens, who are rumoured to abduct innocent sims at night, Miles isn't quite sure what he should think of the boy and his wild stories clearly made from whole cloth.

Meanwhile, Marshall and Moira have continued their date by taking some romantic pictures in the photo booth - a nice picture to hang on the wall of Marshall's room. In the background, Miles and James continue with the space-topic, hitting it off rather well, considering that they share the opposite aspirations.

Moira and Marshall continue their date by sharing some affection to one another, realising that what they have between them is something more than just a little crush. Then it hits him like a brick - even if his financial situation leaves a lot to be desired, he feels that he wants nothing more than make Moira his own.

Since Marshall thinks of himself as a man of action, he proposes to Moira right there and then. Luckily for him, Moira couldn't be happier to say yes and be his wife.

A couple of by-standers begin to cheer at the happily engaged couple. Miles feels that his grandfather must be nuts, instead, investing in an expensive ring and getting engaged when their financial situation is what it is. You don't need to be old and wise to understand that weddings don't usually come cheap.

Marshall doesn't care; he's happy to be with the woman he loves, and that's all that matters to him now.

Sick of watching his grandfather and his fiancée cuddling, Miles heads out, and has an unpleasant encounter with the Count on his way out the doors. Luckily the Count wasn't overly interested in the average looking boy that Miles is, so he gets to stay among the living, though a bit creeped out based on his facial expression.
Outside, he feels so bored that he starts playing in the puddles which is very out of character for him.

Before Miles will die out of boredom at the nightclub, Marshall and Moira decide to head back to his place to continue their date.
Back at home, they immediately continue from where they left off, by Marshall giving Moira an intense serenade right there on the lawn, next to the street.

Miles already sound asleep on the other end of the house, Moira and Marshall also finally have their very first woohoo together. Looking at the wide smiles on their faces, it couldn't have been too bad.

It is really no surprise that it ends up being a dream date, and the 'young' couple really can't wait to have a lot more of those in the future.

And they can't see any good reasons why they couldn't have some more woohoos under their belts already..

Moira has become quite popular here in Prosperity Fellowship; Ramsey just has to let her know how awesome a person she is when she comes out of Marshall's room after their woohoo. A little weird, if you ask me.

The next morning, the kitchen is looking hideous with stinking plates and spoiling food all over the place, since neither Miles nor Marshall had the time to do the dishes.

Fortunately, Miles doesn't mind tidying the place up before leaving for school, even though he isn't the neatest of sims.

Marshall doesn't wake up until the very last minute to catch his carpool, being quite tired after spending the night with Moira.
On a side note, I need to make some family adopt that dog next to Marshall, since it is (supposed to be) a Basenji and I have one of those at home.

After his first day at school in Prosperity Fellowship, Miles isn't too happy about his grades as he got only a 7 (from 4-10, so it's like the grade C). Luckily, he has other things to focus on, like his new friend Juha Harjola, who is an exchange student from his school.

The hour he has before his work starts, Miles spends by going through the vacancies, ignoring his friend who has nothing else to do but watch him sit in front of the computer. And Miles doesn't even find a vacancy in the Law Enforcement career, so it was a complete waste of time.

Then he has to leave for work with a silly hairdo and bad conscience for neglecting his friend.

At least Marshall is doing pretty well, coming home from work with a promotion to an Intern and a nice pile of cash in his pockets. In fact, it is all thanks to Moira, since the date she and Marshall shared the day before left him in a great mood (in platinum, actually), which was noticed by Marshall's superiors. Now they can finally afford some wallpaper!

In the evening, after Miles arrives home from work, he wants to make up for his impoliteness earlier the day towards Juha and gives him a call. They end up in a rousing conversation about travelling, and Miles really feels like he has gained a friend.

Meanwhile, in hopes of earning another promotion at work, Marshall practises his charisma. The topic is "Why I shouldn't be in Politics but in Business instead".

Now that he has made his first friend in Prosperity Fellowship, owning a mobile phone is a must. Therefore, Miles heads to Peli@itta, where they sell all kinds of electronic gadgets and provide some other entertainment, too.

First things first: spending what little money they have left after getting wallpapers and flooring in junk food and photos that look remarkably the same as the other photos Miles took just the day before. He seems pleased with them, nonetheless.

Then some more entertainment, like eating while chatting on the computer and playing pinball with others. Reima Sampsala tries giving some advice, but Miles seems to be failing all the same.

After loosing a good many games and lots of money, Miles finally gets around to doing what he was supposed to in the first place, which is buying a mobile phone. Even though he has been wishing for a phone a while now, he can't help but think that he could have saved all that money to buy a nice engagement ring someday.

There's still time for a little study session when Miles arrives home - the grades won't improve on their own, you know!

That night, Moira drops a 'little' gift on their porch. How she could have afforded a gift that expensive, I don't know, but the money the Uptons got from selling it sure did come in handy in terms of getting their house done. And it does look quite good already, if you don't take into account that there's not one single window.

Wednesday morning starts off with a cereal-eating-competition between Marshall and Miles. That habit might come to an abrupt end if Moira ever moves in with them.

Marshall couldn't be happier when his carpool finally arrives and he gets to go to work. He has a little hunch that he might get a promotion again that day.

After he gets home from school, Miles goes to play with their brand new chessboard. No more crosswords to fill for him! Now if he could only figure out how to actually play chess..

As he predicted, Marshall earns his second promotion to Lobbyist that day. Even though Politics isn't his desired career, he isn't doing too shabbily, getting promotion after promotion.

With the money Marshall earned, he can pay all the bills and even buy a striking blue car that matches his clothes. The money could have been used more wisely, that's for sure, but he doesn't want to be outdone by Moira, who already has a car.

Marshall still can't find an opening in Business and really starts doubting if the Lucky Frog even brings any luck to its owners. As he can't switch jobs just yet, he focuses on building his skills in the meantime, sitting next to a window and on a chair he bought just today.

Marshall isn't the only one thriving when it comes to work performance - Miles earns a promotion, too! As a Private Eye he feels somewhat content, solving crimes just like he has always dreamt of doing.

He still can't figure out exactly how to play chess, but at least it's nicer now that he has somebody to play with.

Being able to call his friends from school with his own phone is another thing that makes Miles happy. Just look at that smirk on his face! If only he had a girlfriend to call to..

Finally, in the end of spring, Miles arrives home with a ten in his report card! But looking at his wants panel, it is quite obvious that it isn't what he really wants - the boy longs for love. He hasn't been too fortunate in terms of love, to put it mildly.

Marshall is still getting promotions as if it was the easiest thing in the world. He's a Campaign Manager now.

With enough money on their bank account, Marshall gets some more windows installed in their house. Then he takes time to just admire how clear they are - he can even see the driver of his carpool from inside now!

Spying on his carpool driver made Marshall think of Moira, so he calls her over. When she arrives, Marshall isn't shy to show her what it is that he wants, and Moira doesn't object the slightest.


Seeing his grandfather getting all lovey-dovey with Moira is really the last straw for Miles, and he decides to find himself a girlfriend.
At Peli@itta, he meets a nice looking girl called Eira Siitonen, but it doesn't take long before she tells him that she isn't actually interested in boys, laughing, after listening to couple of Miles' awkward pick-up lines.

Not to be devastated by the rough start, Miles continues his find-a-girlfriend-mission only to get into an argument with Pertti Eririkas IV or to meet women that are way too old for him.

So he goes to Public Lake in hopes of meeting some girls of his own age, and preferably not gay.

It doesn't seem very promising since there's only adults on the lot, but Miles decides to stick around and see if any teens will show up.
When people start getting robbed and there's only a few adults left on the lake, Miles decides to call it a day and head home, feeling like a complete failure of a Family sim.

Luckily he has friends to whom he can complain about the awful world they live in, where it is virtually impossible to find a partner.

Marshall decides to check the job ads just before going to bed and is delighted to find a vacancy in Business as an Executive Assistant. Maybe the Lucky Frog just needed its own window to work! The new job does have a poorer pay, but at least he doesn't need to start from the very bottom of the career ladder. And knowing Marshall, it shouldn't take him long to get promoted.

No better way to start your Friday than with a pillow fight! There's still room for that since they don't own that much furniture yet, but hopefully that's going to change soon.

Miles' carpool has been honking in front of their house for quite some time, but he has better plans for the rest of the day than spending it at work.
He's gussying himself up to look his best before going to Public Lake, wondering if his biceps look good enough in that shirt.

Marshall arrives home with a promotion to a Field Sales Representative under his belt, to everyone's great surprise.

Not knowing that Miles is actually skipping work, Marshall promises to drive him to the lake. He reasons that it will be good for him to meet new people, too.

This time, there are actually some teens there, and to Miles' great delight, he also spots a girl his age.

Though the girl, Irina Korpi (Korpi is another word that comes from nature, meaning deep forest), doesn't appear to be gay and seems really nice and all, Miles doesn't feel like he could possibly spend the rest of his life with her. There just isn't enough chemistry between them - only one bolt.

Although Miles still haven't met the right girl for him, he's grateful to have found great friends, like Irina, with whom he can share his worries. It feels very liberating to talk about his parents and confess that he's afraid that if they die, he will maybe never know it.

In the meantime, Marshall has been busy swooning over women and hugging them. He really must be a Romance sim in disguise.
I mean, that townie woman just came out of nowhere and gave him a friendly hug, which some sims don't accept even from their friends! What is wrong with him?!

Marshall and Miles end the nice evening on the lake with some hot dogs shared with other sims from around the town.

He must have been drinking love potions all his life, because otherwise the excessive heart farting just wouldn't make any sense. I mean, he isn't young and good looking nor rich.

Before getting eaten alive by all the women(...he's engaged for God's sake!), Marshall gets in the car and drives himself and Miles back home.

As the night falls, it also means the end of spring. The Uptons have fared quite well, having accomplished a lot during their first season at Prosperity Fellowship, though Miles haven't found love yet, the thing he wants the most. Nonetheless, they are a happy little family and quite content with their lives.

No points for the Uptons this round.
What is it with the teens not being able to find love, even when it is spring? Maybe there are just not enough teens to choose from..
Marshall seems like he's getting all the loving for both him and Miles, since he is practically attracted to all the elderly women. The thing is that I just can't get my head around what it is that is so special in him that makes all the girls swoon over him. Luckily Marshall is also living up to his Fortune aspiration, getting all the promotions with ease, otherwise I might go crazy with him.

There's really nothing else to say, only a little bonus picture for you guys:

A flamingo from hell! Hehe.. But seriously, it burst into flames twice. It's like a little lightning conductor.