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Round 1: Corcoran




Corky Corcoran: Adult Family, LTW: Have 6 Grandchildren - Aquarius


Corky Corcoran, the ex-famous journalist, finds herself standing in front of her new house, slightly shocked of its condition. The house is clearly unfinished, but it was all Corky could afford, since she isn't exactly rolling in money at the moment. In fact, after buying the house, she hasn't got one single simoleon left!

Thought I should show you a picture of her face, since I gave her a bit of a makeover, though I only changed her make up and eyebrows. I didn't dare to change her hair because then I think she would look too different. To my mind, she's actually quite a good-looking sim.

Alone in her depressingly unfinished house, Corky starts to feel lonely and long for company. More precisely, she wants to have some male company, and since Marshall Upton is the only man she knows from this neighbourhood, he gets invited over. He does however ask if he can bring a friend along, and though it's rather an unusual request, Corky agrees. It probably won't interfere with what she wants from him, anyway.

While waiting for Marshall and his friend, Corky rather goes out bird watching than stays indoors in her horrendous-looking house. Plus, why wouldn't she want to spend the beautiful spring day outside? Nature is, after all, her preferred hobby.

Upon arrival, Marshall's 'friend' turns out to be none other than his loved one, Moira Jenkins. Corky notices straight away that they are more than friends, more like an item - they are even thinking in unison! Crap.

Moira tries to start a conversation with Corky, but she isn't the slightest bit interested in what she has to say, and isn't shy to let it show. Really, she's just annoyed that her plans went down the drain with Moira showing up, and she might end up not getting her want fulfilled.

After the failed conversation Moira heads inside the house, somewhat offended, which leaves Corky alone with Marshall giving her the chance to flirt with him, after all. And Marshall isn't one to turn down a beautiful young woman like Corky, and gladly takes the compliments.

Was it guilty conscience or what, but after the little innocent flirting, Marshall goes inside to find Moira, maybe afraid of what could possibly happen between him and Corky. But that was all Corky was after for, since she is a Family sim and couldn't dare to brake the two lovebirds up. She isn't even that attracted to Marshall: there's only one bolt between them. So Corky goes eating, alone.

Determined to get some money to be able to finish the house, Corky goes job hunting, and applies for a position in Education as a Playground Monitor. The pay isn't terrible, but at least it's some money to her pocket, and in addition to that, she gets to spend time with children!
And I see that Moira has decided that it's payback time, and takes her turn at being the rude guest who uses the easel. And Marshall just stands there, looking at his loved one, not sure what to do.

Corky decides to start skilling immediately to get those promotions, since she doesn't have any work that day. She can't wait to have enough money to afford some flooring and wallpaper..

Her skilling session is cut short, though, as the welcome wagon comes knocking on her door. The people look nice enough, all being her new neighbours, so she invites them all inside.

One of them particularly catches her eye, that being Rich Yessam. Just by watching him she can feel the chemistry between them. Sadly, it doesn't take her long to notice the ring on his finger - he's already taken.

But that doesn't stop her from spending time with him, and trying to befriend the man. Corky does feel a bit discouraged, though, and starts to wonder if she'll ever find a man or is she going to have to adopt to get children.
Relax, woman! You're still young and have time to find yourself a man before your fertile years are over.

Inside, Marshall, the hot old man he is, is in the middle of a conversation about kissing with Celeste Cooprider, who seems very enthusiastic about the subject. He seems to get along very well with all the ladies, it seems..

Another one, that being Bob Profitt, is not doing so well in socialising, but insults and picks on every guest in the house. Really, if he's ever to get women, he'd better shape up and behave himself!

It must be some kind of a program to get the new inhabitants to get to know the neighbourhood, because Corky, just like Moira, gets a call from a downtownie, called Joonatan Rantti, inviting her on an outing. She accepts the invitation, exited to get out of the house.

Before Corky gets to leave, she also becomes a victim of Bob's insulting, and on her turn tells him off. She isn't amused the slightest, and wants Bob to leave her premises. 

The taxi pulls off in front of Vaahteralehdon kylpylä (freely translated, Maple Grove Spa), with a bunch of strangers, most of them men. Well, that suits Corky well.

The first order of business is to check them all out, and she really has the hots for Pete Töllönen. Unfortunately, Pete is apparently gay, so he is no husband material for Corky.

So she goes after the second hottest person on the lot, Joonatan Rantti, the man who invited her on the outing. First, he isn't too interested in hearing Corky rant about how she used to live in a big city, with skyscrapers and all, but when she starts gossipping about how rude a sim Bob Profitt is, they suddenly start getting along.

It also becomes clear that even though Joonatan didn't mind flirting with a guy, she is still turned on by women too. Especially by women like Corky, with beautiful, blond hair - they have 2 bolts of attraction.

Just as things are starting to heat up between Corky and Joonatan, something else catches her eye. That something else is very rich-looking Kalervo Liimatainen, whom Corky almost runs to greet. In the background Rich Yessam watches the two of them intensely. Wonder if he's a bit jealous there?
That's right, Kalervo, you aren't going anywhere now that Corky saw you. She really needs your money!

Corky feels that this is it: he's the hottest man she has met so far, and it really doesn't hurt that he seems to loaded. Corky would love to continue to get to know Kalervo, but is a bit disturbed by Rich's intense stare. Fortunately he understands to leave when both Kalervo and Corky turn around to see what his problem is.

The chemistry between them could be explained by the fact that they share the same zodiac sign, even though Corky somehow manages to learn that Kalervo prefers stinking brunettes, and he isn't quite the vampire in eye glasses that Corky dreams of meeting.

Even though they aren't really the characters of their wildest fantasies, they get along very well. Corky thinks that there is no better way of bonding with others than gossipping, plus it gives her a good excuse to complain about Bob.

They have mutual crushes in no time and can't stop flirting with each other. Joonatan Rantti must be wondering what on earth happened - just a moment ago the girl was all over him, and now she seems to have forgotten him altogether.

The night ends with a bit of slow dancing, until Corky is too tired to continue. They do promise to keep in touch and see each other again as soon as possible.

The next morning Corky has to eat her breakfast at a messy table, since she was too tired to clean up after the guests when she finally got home. But really, the surroundings couldn't even get any worse than what they already are with the bare walls and floors, so a few dirty plates here and there won't worsen the situation one bit.

Corky's first day at work goes relatively well even though she isn't promoted due to her being too tired to bring out her best. But it really doesn't matter, she's just happy that she can afford to pay the bills now.

And there are many other ways to earn one's living, although this is rather an unusual one - selling a painting done by someone else. Apparently Moira had the time to finish it, and Corky gets to sell it for 11 simoleons.

Then She arranges to meet up with Kalervo at her house. He, like Marshall, wants to bring a friend with him, and Corky is just too glad to hear his voice to oblige.

Corky greets Kalervo with an amorous hug, while Kalervo's friend, a teen girl, watches on. She must be reconsidering if it was such a wise idea to tag along after all since she is most likely going to be left out by the two lovebirds.

Corky and Kalervo continue where they left off the other night, flirting with each other and noticing hardly anything else than one another. Kalervo's friend, the poor girl, gets totally ignored, as predicted - Corky didn't even remember to greet her!

After flirting nonstop for a couple of hours, Kalervo finally heads back home. Now that Corky has found herself somebody to love, she feels she needs to make up for her rude behaviour towards Moira, perhaps also feeling a bit guilty for trying to seduce her loved one. After spending some time on the phone with her, Corky feels like she has gained a new friend.

At the moment, Corky seems more like a Popularity sim than a Family sim to me, filling her Want panel with wishes to become best friends with people, in addition to her already having more friends than the Jenkins household had in the end of spring.

And it's only good for her career to have many friends as Corky comes home with a promotion to Teacher's Aide. She couldn't be happier about it!

To celebrate her promotion, Corky decides to invite Kalervo to her house for a date. They greet each other with a passionate kiss - a nice way to start the date.

Things between the two of them progress quickly, and soon Kalervo is falling madly in love with Corky. He feels that Corky is the one he wants to have his first woohoo with, which is very sweet.

And as Corky falls in love with Kalervo, she feels the same way - Kalervo is worthy to be her First One. Meanwhile, Kalervo is already one step ahead of her, already thinking about engagement.

Since they aren't getting any younger they decide to seize the moment and go for it.
And was that a lullaby I heard..? There is a chance of getting pregnant just from having woohoo, and apparently Corky is a very fertile sim, getting pregnant from her first woohoo.

And clearly, it must have been one hell of a woohoo, since Corky immediately spins up the want to get engaged to Kalervo, and make him hers.

So Kalervo promptly goes down on one knee, and proposes to Corky, after two years of seeing each other. Corky just barely gets her lips moving enough to say yes, and then puts ring on her finger. Soon she'll have more than enough money to finish her house.

Wait.. WHAT?! Kalervo only brings 5151 simoleons?! Isn't he supposed to be Mr. Big and bring like 50 000 simoleons? Oh well, at least he had some stuff in his backpack, so the total value that he brought with him was little under 10 000 simoleons. I can live with that.. Plus, he gives me one point by joining the household. Yay!

So, though Kalervo is revealed to be only pretending to be rich, they still have enough money to make the house look like a proper house now, with flooring and all. 

And Kalervo gets a makeover, too, to please her fiancée. Since he is a Family sim, I feel that his luxurious read suit doesn't really fit him, and will have to be changed, too.

At the moment Kalervo is working in the Athletic field as a Coach, but he really doesn't feel that it's the right job for him, dreaming of becoming a Captain Hero someday. Unfortunately he doesn't find any vacancies in Law Enforcement when browsing through the job ads.
Meanwhile, Corky is trying to learn how to efficiently clean after a bunch of young children, hoping to get promoted the next day at work. However, she is slightly distracted, dreaming of his smoking hot husband-to-be.

A man beside her is all Corky feels like she needs in her life - at least for now, she does want to have kids, too, and of course have a big wedding, maybe sometime soon..

On Thursday Kalervo doesn't have any work, so he goes shopping for some new clothes at a local clothing store.

He manages to find some nice clothes that make him look more like the loving husband he intends to be. The only problem is, that his shopping left only 23 simoleons on their bank account.. 

Not to be depressed by their poor economical situation, he wishes to get to know some new people, even becoming friends with this man, Petteri Simola. They are interested in almost the exact same things, so they find a lot to discuss about.

Back home, Kalervo decides to spend the rest of the day studying the skills needed in Law Enforcement, so that when he does find a vacancy, he'll at least have the skills required to get all the promotions.

Corky was unable to get a promotion that day, and was merely informed that she should improve her charisma skills to be able to handle all the situations she might end up in with the kids. So Corky heads to the mirror, trying to come up with convincing explanations why it isn't allowed to play football inside the school.

Thinking about kids makes her long for one of her own, and so she expresses her desire to Kalervo, who doesn't object the slightest.

Plus, the trying isn't that awful either..

That night, she pops the first time, starting the second trimester of her pregnancy. She hasn't had morning sickness or any other pregnancy symptoms whatsoever, so it really is a big surprise for Corky. She's going to have a baby sooner than she thought she would, and if it's a boy, she gets to finally hold the wedding, too. However, the baby is not due until the end of year 6, meaning that it will be born the next round. Corky's going to have to wait for that wedding still for some time.

Finally, in the morning of the last day of spring on Thursday, just as his carpool starts honking on the driveway, Kalervo finds and applies for a position as a Patrol Officer, which isn't the lowest rank in Law Enforcement. His studying didn't go to waste, it seems.

Unfortunately, he doesn't get to go to work just yet, and has to spend yet another day at home, skilling. But it really is needed, since Kalervo isn't that good in logic, and finds it pretty hard to understand how to play chess. Well, everybody needs to start somewhere.

Now that he has a day off, he also gets to help around the house while Corky is sleeping, exhausted by her pregnancy. But Kalervo really doesn't mind, he just feels lucky to be engaged to such a wonderful woman, and is more than happy to be the one to do all the housework.

When Corky wakes up, she doesn't even have the time to change to her everyday wear until her friends start calling her, asking her to join them on outings. She has to turn all the invitations down, though, since she rally feels that she should stay home, to make sure everything goes perfectly during her first pregnancy.

Kalervo is one devoted man, talking to her pregnant fiancée about how wonderful it is to be engaged to her, after making her Comfort Soup.

Corky returns the favour to her doting man by having woohoo with him on the sofa. A little baby bump isn't going to stop them from having some adult fun!

When Kalervo has time in between having woohoo with Corky and doing housework, he takes time to engage in his Nature hobby, which is his preferred hobby. He would also really like to start a garden, but at the moment they just can't afford it.

Corky fast asleep, Kalervo also finds some time for skilling. He seems to be a bit distracted, though, thinking of little else than having woohoo with Corky. 

And in the dead of the night, Corky enters her third trimester, excited that she will soon have a bundle of joy of her own.

 +1 for a new sim, Kalervo

Well isn't this just the sweetest family (: I really can't wait for the baby to come, since Corky and Kalervo (whose name I really don't like, it's just so outdated. Today, nobody would name their kid Kalervo.) have such different genes. Okay, all the kids will probably have brown hair, but the skin tone and eye colour will at least vary.
And really, I thought Kalervo would bring a lot more cash with him, but he let me down, pretending to be Mr. Big.. Damn you, Kalervo! Now Corky won't have her beautiful dream house. Yet.
Oh, and I was wondering if I should shoot for the Family IW with these guys, since they are both Family, which would give me a total of 6 points. Hmmm..

Once again, feel free to comment your thoughts! (: